Continued Blessings from Managua

The students at Colegio Baustia El Calvario have sent several thank you letters in regards to all of the generous donations and support they have received as a result of my journey through Managua, Nicaragua. Little by little we can make a positive impact on these students lives. What better way to leave a legacy and affect a generation – to find a bigger cause than you!

Firma writes: 

Abraham writes:

Sarai writes: 

Dear Mr.weiseger.

Well in first place hello! How do you feel? I hope that you are so good!

I feel too blessed to God, for your help it´s a big opportunity and I guess that only God gives them .Really thanks! You made me so happy with this. Besides my favorite subjects of the school are Math, English, and learn more everyday .I guess the learn is very important. I hope to will be an engineer, I that it´s what I want. Can I ask you something? , How can I get your book? .I love reading and i´d like to read your book.

I hope to see it soon and God bless you.