Two years ago next week I found my calling. Some go a lifetime. Some find it early in life. I didn’t know how or why or where to go, I just knew I had to go…south. I loaded the Iron Horse with a change of clothes, some tools, and rain gear. He who travels lightest goes alone. I figured if I lived through the cartel at the border, I’d head for Monterey, Mexico. Fellow travelers like JD Dyess, showed me the way through Mexico.

Often in life other travelers show us the path to go. It’s like there strategically placed. An anchor in this big sea called life. Most of the time they stay for a season, and then there gone. On to there own calling. They’re a memory, good or bad. But they had a purpose, a reason to cross our path.























Mexico was big and bold and beautiful.

I was intrigued with the people I met. Like the old blind violin player in Oaxaca. He had a song for an offering. He was using his talents to live his movie and pay the bills.

What are you doing today?

The pictures I took began to fascinate me and I learned as much as I could how to take good pictures with my iPhone 7. I hope you enjoy Mexico like I do.