I decided to spend Christmas in Nicaragua with a special family that introduced me to Colegio Bautista El Calvario. I’ve come to present the proceeds so far from my new book, Leave Tomorrow. After meeting with the board it was decided to help some families that want to enroll their children, but need help getting started. For everyone that has purchased my book so far, you helped make this happen! Seven families thank you from the bottom of their heart!

Then it was off to Palacaguina where Patricia, Christopher, and Patrick invited me to join their family in a small village in northern Nicaragua. Mama Yolanda and husband Oscar opened there home to the gringo. Mama Yolanda runs the best hardware store in all of Nicaragua. She’s open 7 days a week and twelve hours a day! Even on Christmas.

I got the bright idea to go to the black market in Managua and buy gifts for about 30 children in Palacaguina.

Christmas Eve, me and four elves drove around the village looking for young children that looked like they could use a visit from Santa 🎅. The Panama hat on the gringo didn’t fool anybody. I stood out like a donkey at the Kentucky Derby! As I got out to take pictures of elves at work, I got separated from the car. Word got out and 10 kids to one gift appeared out of nowhere! Quick thinking by one elf, as a blond Barbie was tossed into the park. 300 kids scrambled for would be doll ownership! We all jumped in the sled, and Santa could be heard exclaiming as we rode out of sight, get the hell out of here, and to all a good night!

A good time was had by all. Next year get a head count! Seriously I’ve not had a Christmas quite like this. The pure joy of giving and the great joy of those children receiving!

Colegio Bautista sits in the poor section of Managua and is its 53rd year. It is part of a non denominational church that teaches children from pre school through high school, reading, writing, computer, and English. Preparing them for college is no easy task.

The needs are great in every area. If you’re interested in helping, contact me through my email at [email protected].