Colegio Bautista El Calvario is alive and well In the middle of Managua, Nicaragua.

This is a private prepitory school for children of all ages. But don’t let the fancy name fool you – this is not a fancy school for the wealthy. It’s an oasis for kids who might not otherwise have a chance at a good, safe education.

They learn reading, writing, and arithmetic along with computers and English. Chapel time is part of each morning, where students and staff thank God for their blessings.

The joy these kids show is infectious. They have goals and dreams. They love soccer and music. They want to be doctors and dentists. Some dream of being teachers. The children wear mandatory uniforms, but I think they enjoy wearing them.  


Christmas is a great time of year. But also can be lonely for some. Some parents struggle and sacrifice everything they have to give there children a chance at an education.

You see, the public school in Nicaragua is worse than the worst inner-city schools in the USA.


Most children drop out of public school and live on the streets among crime and drugs. The wealthy in Managua have no problems with private schools. These are the children that become doctors, lawyers. dentists, and teachers. The poor continue a cycle of despair. And that’s why I support this school – it’s a way out!



In the midst of Managua, a small army of administrators and teachers battle the tide of despair with a smile on  there faces. The children they teach don’t come from the rich part of town. Thirty dollars a month is the average monthly cost for a student to attend Colegio Bautista. 


I wasn’t looking for a cause as I entered Managua, but a cause found me.


I have decided that in honor of my birthday this month, all the money from my book through the end of the month will go to the school. So… I invite you to help.
All you need to do to help more kids is buy my book. (If you already have a copy – the book makes a great gift!)



My book “Leave Tomorrow” can be found on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. It is a great Christmas gift for all ages. Want to learn more about supporting a child in this wonderful school? Just contact me