(Note: this post is from my daughter, Laura!)

As the newest and most (inexperienced) adventure traveler of the family, I thought it was about time to start documenting my travels. For the family, of course.

Short story of who I am: I am the daughter of @RestlessRoads (Dirk Weisiger on Instagram) and I have been listening to his stories adventures for the past twenty-four years, and it’s time I had some adventures of my own. (To buy my dad’s new book about his solo motorcycle adventure click here)

This guy has inspired me from the get-go – but I was always too afraid to act on it. What if I don’t speak the right language? What if I don’t have enough money? What if I get stuck in a bad situation? What if my WIFI doesn’t work? What if?!?!!??!! All the most important concerns of a twentysomething.

But without further ado…

Greetings from a train somewhere in the south of Italy!

Just kidding, I am in my apartment in Dallas, TX just now getting over the jetlag and trying to plan my next adventure.

Jade (my partner in crime on this trip) and I set off on our Euro Trip with a layover in London, a 4 hour pit stop in Madrid, and our first official stop in Rome, Italy! We arrived in Rome at 11:30 PM and took the Leonardo Express Train from the Fiumicino Airport to the Termini Train Station (main train station of Rome). It was about thirty minutes to get to the train station and about a 7 minute walk from the train station to our hostel (Alessandro Downtown). Could not recommend this hostel more and the location was perfect for our quick trip!

Since we knew we were here for a short time, we were bound to make the best of it. After 20 hours of traveling to 3 different cities, our first thought is that we needed a drink. After all, we are only here for one night?! We ended settling on a pub recommended by our Hostel called Nags Head that is located right by Piazza Venezia. It was definitely a great intro to 13 days in Europe. And the view did not disappoint.


The next morning we woke up bright and early to hit 5 landmarks before our train left later in the afternoon for our next destination. On the agenda was: Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and ending with a panoramic view at Pincio Park.


When we visited the Pantheon, we got to sign this guest book that pays homage to the people in Italy that were buried there. I thought that was pretty neat to see people from Costa Rica, India, and Poland to sign right above me. Makes the world feel a little closer together.

Side note about Trevi Fountain: the guards are very strict, so do not try and bring gelato by the fountain to take a cute pic. I also cannot show a cute picture because we were far too sweaty to be in front of camera. However, this view is a fave, and I lived out every Lizzie McGuire dream. It’s truly “What Dreams are Made Of”.


All this to say, 17 hours is not enough, but I got a small taste of Rome and their culture AND ate the best pizza in the world. So it sounds like a success to me! Can’t wait to see you again, Roma! And note for next time I am ordering the Carbonara (more on that in another post).

P.S. No, I did not have enough time to see the Vatican or Colosseum but don’t worry, I’ll be back.

xo, lo

P.P.S. To buy my dad’s new book (about his solo motorcycle adventure to the tip of South America) click here! It will inspire you, too.