Adventure Traveler. Motivational Speaker. Living His Movie.

Dirk Weisiger is a travel trekker, trick roper and storyteller. He grew up on a ranch in south Texas and at an early age he was always searching for more out of life. Dirk kept his parents on their toes and they never knew what he would try next! At eighteen, Dirk took his first travel adventure and headed out to Wyoming with two of his friends to work on a ranch. During this time, he sharpened his skills as a rider and roper and this first adventure left him yearning for more! Upon Dirk’s return from Wyoming, he decided to go to college at his father’s suggestion and he attended Texas Tech University. This is when the next chapter with his life began in long-term care insurance. As a teenager and through the years of building a successful business in long term insurance sales, Dirk has always enjoyed speaking to groups, spinning tales, ropes and offering lessons he has learned in adventures of life and business. 

Always the restless adventurer

After reaching his goal as a successful businessman, he realized time was getting away from him and he wanted to be sure he was able to get out of life what he really wanted. He did not want to get caught on the hamster wheel of life and was ready for something new. But he was not sure what. Maybe a motorcycle adventure! What followed was a fourteen-month, solo motorcycle ride from Austin, Texas to Ushuaia, Argentina, filled with unexpected adventures, surprises and lessons about life and travel. Dirk headed south to “see new vistas on a solo journey but ended up feeling more connected to the people he met along the way.” His journey solidified his belief that making new friends is the best part of travel! 

One of Dirk’s objectives is finding a cause bigger than you and he had no idea that a cause would find him when he drove into Managua, Nicaragua. During his travels through Nicaragua, he stumbled upon Colegio Bautista El Calvario. He quickly became passionate about helping these children to receive a better education and to help support his cause, a portion of his book sales are given back to the school.

Upon his return from his South American journey, Dirk completed his book Leave Tomorrow where he details his story with his personal photography. Leave Tomorrow was published in October 2017 and Dirk has gradually been gaining momentum in sharing his journey and building his new brand since then.  His main focus is going out into the community to share his story as a motivational speaker. Leave Tomorrow’s program will leave your attendees inspired to take on new adventures or endeavors in their own life or professional career.

He writes and shares his photography to help inspire others to get out and live their movie. “Dirk makes every day an adventure whether he is working, playing or exploring new personal frontiers. Many people talk about their dreams. Dirk is living his! He has traveled to five continents and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and leads by example to show others that they too are able to live their movie!” 

“For everyone thinking of a new adventure, a new life, or even a new venture: DO IT.” Leave Tomorrow!
~Jim Rogers, bestselling author of Investment Biker.
“This inspiring and entertaining book of his epic journey from Texas to Tiera del Fuego, is just the tonic needed to get you up out of your chair and ready to Leave Tomorrow.”
~Julie Mundy, Guidebook Author and Travel Blogger, Australia
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 “This isn’t the first book I’ve read on riding to Ushuaia, but it is probably the most enjoyable.”
 ~Muriel Farrington, Ambassador, BMW Motorcycles of America
“My husband is really enjoying Leave Tomorrow and we are currently planning our next adventure.”
~P. Waldo
“This book makes me want to put my life in perspective and LEAVE TOMORROW on my own adventure!”
~Sean MCafee, Woods Fun Center, BMW Motorcycle Dealer, Austin, TX
“Dirk’s ride through South America is one part travel guide, one part life instruction manual, and one part can’t put down adventure book.”
~David Rupert, Writer.Encourager

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